Heat Exhaustion
Heat Exhaustion

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IAFC: Fighting Heat Stress Sudden Cardiac Events in the Fire Service: Understanding the Cause and Mitigating the Risk (PDF) U.S. EPA Excessive Heat Events Guidebook (PDF) U.S. EPA Excessive Heat Events Guidebook In Brief (PDF) FEMA Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives
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FETN Training Video: "Carbon Monoxide: The Odorless Killer"
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3 heat-related threats to firefighters and how to fix them
When encapsulated in firefighting gear, heat-related illness can come fast and furious, here are measures to prevent and treat its three variations.
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2 firefighters hurt at 3-alarm NH blaze - 08/03/2015 Va. firefighter hurt battling mulch fire - 07/28/2015 6 NY firefighters hurt battling church fire - 07/21/2015 Fabric of the Fire Service Winner — Family: By Olivia Drake - 05/12/2015 Would you rather fight a fire in the cold or the heat? - 02/18/2015
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Clinical Studies
Impact of a modern firefighting protective uniform on the incidence and severity of burn injuries in New York City firefighters Can firefighter instructors perform a simulated rescue after a live fire training exercise? Physiological evaluation of chemical protective suit systems (CPSS) in hot conditions

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New Research Shows GORE® Protective Barriers to be Best Choice for Reducing Firefighter Heat Stress Gore Protective Fabrics Expands Warranty Program in Further Support of Fire Industry LENTRY 2-Headed LED Light System: 56,000 Lumens
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GORE® RT7100 moisture barrier

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