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7 things you need to run an effective rehab sector - 12/01/2016

Like any fireground activity, a well-run rehab sector begins with planning and ends with execution

16 treated for carbon monoxide poisoning in NC - 11/23/2016 What role do point-of-care devices have in firefighter rehab? - 10/31/2016 Severely obese firefighters: What the data says - 10/27/2016 Wash. fire dept. to use new mobile rehab unit on scene - 10/18/2016 How firefighting is killing you - 10/05/2016 Vital signs are only one component of fireground rehab - 09/15/2016
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How firefighting is killing you
Aside from the well-known fire fighting dangers lurks other forces that will reduce your health and possibly your lifespan
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Clinical Studies
Longitudinal decline in measured firefighter single-breath diffusing capacity of carbon monoxide values - 09/21/2006
The role of exertion as a determinant of carboxyhemoglobin accumulation in firefighters - 09/21/2006
Human factors in firefighting: ergonomic-, cardiopulmonary-, and psychogenic stress-related issues - 09/21/2006
Environmental study of firefighters - 09/21/2006
Characterization of firefighter exposures during fire overhaul - 09/21/2006
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Detecting Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: The Reluctant Patient

Meridian Fire Department

If we successfully implemented a CO protocol and could prove its effectiveness, the opportunity to share our findings with other departments would be very rewarding. Little did we know it would impress us so quickly.
Detecting Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: The Reluctant Patient
Transport Policy Change
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Rethinking firefighter critical-incident debriefings Non-invasive Screening for CO and MET 7 things you need to run an effective rehab sector What role do point-of-care devices have in firefighter rehab? Making Rehab a Requirement: NFPA 1584
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Skin's role in FF rehab; How to reduce overhaul risks | September 27, 2016 The missing link in FF rehab; 6 ways to improve your health | July 26, 2016
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USFA Emergency Incident Rehabilitation Manual IAFC: Fighting Heat Stress U.S. EPA Excessive Heat Events Guidebook (PDF) Agency for Toxic Substances Cyanide FAQ Assistance to Firefighters Grant AFG: DHS/FEMA Fire Act Grant
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HeatSeeker Technology & Design Fire Introduces Rehabilitation Products FDNY Makes Largest First Responder Purchase of Masimo Rad-57 Pulse CO-Oximeters to Improve Survival of Firefighters and Victims of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 343 Technologies and Hothead Technologies Announce Wireless Temperature Sensor for Firefighter Rehab
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