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HeatSeeker Technology & Design Fire Introduces Rehabilitation Products

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Everyday Firefighters across the country respond in their commu-nities trying to protect citizens from a myriad of hazards as-sociated with everyday life. With a sharp eye focused on protecting the community, we often times work through the fatigue of the call placing ourselves in dan-ger of receiving or contrib-uting to an injury. Many of the-se injuries result from the effects of exertional heat-related illnesses caused by the environ-ment, safety equipment including structural fire-fighting gear, strenuous activities, and loss of focus mistakes. With core body temperatures possible above 104 degrees, we place others and ourselves in danger.

Technology has provided the fire service with $700 cooling fans and pre-connect operated fans exceeding $1500 that work for formalized rehabilitation sections, but fail to meet the im-mediate needs of most firefighters.

HeatSeeker Technology & Design provides you a low cost immediate option for cooling on scene firefighters. Our Rehab Units set up in seconds, utilize minimal water, and have the ability to cool an area up to 30 degrees.

HeatSeeker Technology & Design LLC

HeatSeeker Technology & Design LLC provides you a low-cost alternative to expensive bulky portable rehabilitation units in the HeatSeeker SixShooter. This rehab unit comes as an aluminum cap in standard powder coat black or a color of your choosing. Each unit comes with 6 stainless steel missing nozzles with a 6 gallon per hour flow rate depending on discharge pressures.

The importance of rehabilitation for on scene firefighters must become a serious tactical consideration for scene Commanders.

At work on the scene of emergencies, Firefighters core body temperatures can reach above 104 degrees. As the body temperature increases, both the ability of the firefighter to work and their mental condition begin to fail. As this continues, the firefighter’s ability to help themselves and others decreases exponentially until proper rehab occurs. Our rehab unit’s help firefighters decrease core body temperatures allowing them to return sooner and in better condition.


HeatSeeker Technology & Design LLC offers all rehab units on fire service proven Kochek® aluminum caps with Ecologic Technology misting nozzles. Our patented design works directly off the discharge plumbing of the fire apparatus at 60-100 psi of discharge pressure. Each rehab unit requires the use of municipal or potable water sources to eliminate the use of dirty or contaminated water. Additionally, wind can play a part in the effectiveness of the rehab unit and may require altering the location of the unit to a different discharge outlet.

For more specific needs, visit our web site at for additional sizes and options.

Giving Back

HeatSeeker Technology & Design LLC believes the path an organization takes toward success is paved with the support of the good things you do and the people you help along the way. As a result, before selling the first rehab unit, HeatSeeker Technology & Design LLC decided to donate a portion of every rehab unit sold to both the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and to Breast Cancer Research or an organization that provides assistance to families living with breast cancer. Both of these organization continue to play a part of each of our lives as firefighters and Americans.

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