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343 Technologies and Hothead Technologies Announce Wireless Temperature Sensor for Firefighter Rehab

343 Technologies LLC, in partnership with Hothead Technologies Inc, is proud to present the newest technology in rehab for firefighters. The HOT System is a wireless sensor that is placed inside the firefighter's helmet and reads forehead skin temperature and estimates core body temp within 0.01 C. The information is then sent, in real time, to a PDA held by either the incident commander or the medical division officer.

The PDA will alert when a firefighter reaches dangerous temperatures and the firefighter will then be pulled to rehab. The PDA also contains the firefighter's personal medical history and contact information for accountability. The PDA will store a historical log of each firefighter on scene to be printed out later for review. This helps the administration see how well rehab is utilized and the physical traits of firefighters. Along with sensor placement in helmets, the HOT system can also be utilized in Hazmat operations. The sensor is placed inside a HALO headband. The headband has a strip on the forehead that wicks away sweat from the forehead to the rear of the head when donned.

This technology is currently being utilized in football. It is highly successful with youth, high school, NCAA Division 1 teams and is now being introduced to the NFL with raving reviews. 343 Technologies saw the benefit of this technology for firefighters worldwide and is Hothead Technologies' exclusive public safety distributor.

For more information on the HOT system or the Aqua Vest Rehab System by COOL SHIRT please visit You can also contact Michael Bentley, President and Founder of 343 Technologies LLC, at

Technical specs and price lists available upon request.

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