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Fire Rehab


USFA Emergency Incident Rehabilitation Manual IAFC: Fighting Heat Stress U.S. EPA Excessive Heat Events Guidebook (PDF) Agency for Toxic Substances Cyanide FAQ Assistance to Firefighters Grant AFG: DHS/FEMA Fire Act Grant
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FETN Training Video: "Carbon Monoxide: The Odorless Killer"
(Windows Media Player required)'s Rehabilitation Training Slideshow (PPT)
With regard to NFPA 1584 and Firefighter rehabilitation, my department

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Firefighter fitness: 3 scientific findings
Training on duty, proper lifting motions and physical ability testing are hot-button issues that science is addressing.
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Probe: Stress blamed for firefighters' bad behavior - 05/26/2015 Ohio firefighters rescue several from apartment fire - 05/25/2015 2 NC firefighters hurt in ceiling collapse - 05/23/2015 What's it like to respond to a fire or medical call at your own home? - 05/12/2015 Pa. fire capt's house burns - 05/10/2015
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Masimo Inc.
Carbon Monoxide Screening
Oximetry for EMTs and First Responders - CCBEMS approved - $15.95

Clinical Studies
Longitudinal decline in measured firefighter single-breath diffusing capacity of carbon monoxide values The role of exertion as a determinant of carboxyhemoglobin accumulation in firefighters Human factors in firefighting: ergonomic-, cardiopulmonary-, and psychogenic stress-related issues

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Masimo Rad-57® Pulse CO-Oximeter®

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